Valvoline SynPower 75W-90 Full Synthetic Gear Oil 1 Quart

Valvoline SynPower 75W-90 Full Synthetic Gear Oil 1 Quart

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Part # 889785
SKU # 977482
Weight 1.9lbs
Synthetic Yes
Pour Point 1Deg. F
Flash Point 302Deg. F
Synthetic Blend No
SAE Gear Oil Weight 75W-90
API Rating MT-1
Product Bulletins


Valvoline's™ NEW FlexFill™ Full Synthetic Gear Oil is formulated for ultimate protection and performance. Now available in a squeezable pouch for less waste and easier application.
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    Works in tight spaces and makes gear oil easier to use
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    Full Synthetic formula for exceptional high and low temperature protection
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    Contains an extreme pressure additive for better load carrying capacity and wear protection
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    Excellent thermal stability designed to protect oil from high temperature breakdown
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    Contains a limited slip additive for optimal performance of the clutch pack and an anti-foam agent for better lubrication
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    Recommended for conventional and limited slip differentials and non-synchronized manual transmissions where API GL-5 or API GL-4 fluid is specified