20" 75W 9000LM Osram P8/5W Chips Slim Spot/Flood LED Light Bar

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  • Trusted Hyper Bright: Employ top-notch Osram P8/5W led chips, total 75 watts, with lighting performance 9000LM/PC, 1520Lux@10Meters, 1Lux@390Meters (1279FT). Features a trusted ultra-bright, high-intensity, stable light output. Improves driving safety with a clearer, wider, and further visual area. And lifespan extends over 50,000 hours
  • Perfect Spot Flood Combo: Combining 10°super spotlight in the middle and 90°flood light on two sides. Get you both a high-intensity spotlight for further distance and also a bright flood light at a broad distance. Clear all darkness forward and at side roads. A perfect lighting option for offroading trails
  • Premium Durability: IP68 waterproof rated, powerful to withstand any harsh environments and weather conditions. Solid built-in quality 6063 and ADC12 aluminum housing and thick heat shrink shell, efficiently accelerate heat dissipation and maintain a safe temperature to ensure stable lighting output as well as lighting durability. Promised with 5 years warranty
  • Dual Mounting Solutions: Offer both bottom mount and end mount solutions, you can install the light bar freely on your vehicle, with fewer limits on the mounting position. Mounting angle adjustable
  • EMI/RFI Protection: Light pods are built-in EMC that meets EN55015 CE standards, limiting the generation of EMI/RFI interference. Provides better protection for both internal electronic components in lighting and also external objects like a radio receiver 

20 inch led light bar


Top LED chips

Use top Osram-led chips that feature a trusted brightness and a long-lasting lighting performance

IP68 Waterproof

IP68 Waterproof

IP68 water resistant to withstand any harsh environments and weather conditions

Efficient Cooling

Efficient Cooling

Built-in quality 6063 and ADC12 aluminum housing and heat shrink shell, speed up heat dissipation and maintain a safe temperature for stability & durability

20 inch led light bar Built-in EMC

Built-in EMC

Lights are built-in EMC for EMI/RFI protection, resolve the issue of radio interference and flickering


Item Weight  3.89 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎ 19.17” L x 2.28” W x 2.16” T Size/end Mount length: 21.25”
Exterior ‎ Painted
Position  ‎Front
Bulb Type  ‎LED
LED Chips  Osram P8/5W
Lighting Performance  1520Lux@10Meters, 1Lux@390Meters (1279FT) 
Amperage Draw  6.07A/12V, 3.03A/24V
Voltage  9-30V DC
Wattage  75W
Beam Pattern  Spot Flood Combo
Working Lifespan  Over 50, 000 hours
Working Temperature  -40~85 degrees Celsius
LED Color Temperature  Pure White 6000K-6500K
Material  6063 and ADC12 Aluminum housing, aluminum substrate circuit board,cOsram led chips, PC lens
Waterproof Rate  IP67; Waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof and anti-   corrosive
Off Road Lighting  Jeeps, 4x4, Cars, Motorcycles, ATV, UTV,   SUV, Truck, Trailer, Forklift, Trains, Boat, Bus, Road Buggy,   Sand Rail, etc.
Other Lighting  Excavator, Dozer, Road Roller, Crane, Mining, Tractor,   Harvester, Grain Drill, Mower, Snowplow, Fire engine,   Rescue Vehicle, Mining, Hunting, Camping Lighting, etc.
Household Lighting  Garden, Backyard, Garage, Indoor Lighting

Nilight 20 inch led light bar

Nilight  led light bar

led light bar nilight