5Pin SPDT 12V Relay W/ 12AWG Tinned Copper Wires (1 pc)

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  • 12 V DC automotive waterproof relays (max 14 V). Note: 12 V and 14 V are coil voltages, they are not the voltage that triggers the switch
  • Premium quality: durable relay and harness socket with 5 wires; made from high-grade materials to ensure superior quality and long lifespan
  • Pre-wired Harness: Heavy-duty 12/16 AWG wiring harness. Black - 16AWG Pin85, White - 16AWG Pin86, Red - 12AWG Pin30 Yellow - 12AWG Pin87a, and Blue - 12AWG Pin87
  • Enhanced Waterproof - The 5-Pin relays are tightly sealed with a strong cap and seal ring, excellent performance of waterproof, dustproof, and moisture-proof, works well in any weather conditions

Waterproof relay and harness

The automotive relay is the ideal electrical relay to be used on off-road vehicles, boats, and dirt track cars that are often exposed to wet or muddy conditions.

12AWG Tinned Copper Wire: Pin 87a Yellow

12AWG Tinned Copper Wire: Pin 87 Blue

12AWG Tinned Copper Wire: Pin 30 Red

16AWG Tinned Copper Wire: Pin 85 Black

16AWG Tinned Copper Wire: Pin 86 White

  • Switching Voltage: 14V DC Max
  • Initial contact resistance (at 6VDC 1A): 50m¦¸ Max.
  • Coil Voltage: 12V DC/Maximum Applied Voltage: 15.6 V DC
  • Max Switching Current: 40A/Max Switching Power: 560 W
  • Contact Ratings: NO 40A 14V DC/Contact Resistance: 100mMAX (at6VDC 1A)