650Pcs Heat Shrink Tubing Kit

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  • Premium Quality heat shrink tubing: soft and flexible wire shrink wrap, multiple sizes of premium quality heat shrink tubing for you to choose from. Make sure the temperature of your heat gun is up to 100°C, The heat shrink tube will quickly shrink to the size you need.
  • Safe Environmental Friendly Material Shrink Wrap: Conform to UL224, CSA C22.2, RoHS standard, and Sony-SS-00259 standard. Electrical heat shrink tubing material composition does not contain heavy metal and other environmentally hazardous substances. No slow or long-term virulence. Protect your health and that of your family.
  • Versatile & DIY Helper: Multiple sizes of high-quality heat shrink tubing for your choice, they can be used for solder joint protection, group of lines marking, electrical insulation, wire bundling, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints, and daily repairs, etc
  • Easy to use: You can just shink the shrink tube with a lighter or hair dryer when you don't have a heat gun on hand. Of course, if you'd like to use the heat shrink tubing kit more professionally, a standard heat gun will be much better. The wire shrink wraps are all pre-cut into the most common sizes you'll need which makes your work a lot faster.
  • Package Contains: total 650PCs 2:1 black heat shrinkable tubes in 8 sizes. Diameter: 1/24" (150 PCS), 1/12 (120 PCS), 1/8 "(100 PCS), 1/6 "(90 PCS), 1/5" (80 PCS), 1/4 "(50 PCS), 5/16 "(30 PCS), 2/5 "(30 PCS), all in plastic case for easy storage.

heat shrink tuning kit 650pcs



heat shrink tube function

Shrink Quickly

Exposed to the heat source for a few seconds, The shrink tubing will wrap the wire within seconds. Sleeving Wrap would shrink rapidly by at least 1/3 diameter.

heat shrink tube shrinkage ration

Shrink Ratio 3:1

Exposed to the heat source for a few seconds at 70℃, sleeving Wrap would shrink rapidly by at least 1/3 diameter.

heat shrink tube easy to use

Simple to Use

You can use a lighter, candle, or heat gun to heat up the tube, please pay attention to the flame being at least 2CM away from the tube. Don’t touch the tube until it is cool completely.