Aerolidz American Flag Insert for Dual LED Light Bar Silencer

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Aerolidz American Flag Insert for Dual LED Light Bar Silencer


Nothing says proud to be an American like the old stars and stripes. There has never been an easier way to show your support on your Jeep then Aerolidz's American Flag Insert. These inserts go directly in your Dual LED light bar silencer and glow with color when you turn your light bar on at night displaying the flag of freedom. Comes in a variety of colors to customize your rig however you like. These come in 52" length that can be trimmed down to fit the 32" or 22" size.

Requires the Dual LED Light Bar Silencer for Installation.


Material: Made from the highest of quality material for durability and UV-resistant for a long lasting long.

Proud Look: Show your love for the U.S.A. during the day while at night your light bar will be the back light displaying the stars and stripes in all of it's glory.

Fitment: These inserts are to be used with the Aerolidz Dual LED Light Bar Silencer.

Installation Difficulty:
Skill Level 1 IconLevel 1Beginner

  • Insert
  • Color: American Flag
  • Shipping Weight: 2lb
  • Shipping Dimensions: 6in x 3in x 3in (L x W x H)