Duralast Gold Battery BCI Group Size 34 800 CCA 34-DLG

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Notes: OEM exact fit. *** 800 cold cranking amps (1000 cranking Amps) ***. 105 reserve minutes.

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fitment   2007--2008--2009--2010--2011 jeep wrangles  with 3.8 engine   



Duralast Gold Automotive Batteries are engineered to meet or exceed your vehicle's original equipment (OE) quality, while delivering more power each and every time you start your vehicle. Even in the most extreme conditions, these batteries are built to give you superior performance, dependable starting power, and increased life. Duralast Gold Automotive Batteries are backed by a 3-year, free replacement, nationwide warranty.
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    Meets or exceeds your vehicle's original cold cranking amps and reserve capacity requirements
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    Impact resistant construction minimizes damage from vibration
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    Specially designed paste formula improves performance
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    Best-in-class vent caps for safe operation


Part # 34-DLG
SKU # 561276
Weight 37.7lbs
Notes OEM exact fit, *** 800 cold cranking amps (1000 cranking Amps) ***. 105 reserve minutes.
Terminal Type SAE - Type A
Negative Terminal Location Top Right Front
Width 6.81in
Length 10.25in
Type Starting
Height 7.88in
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