Mopar 68218057AC ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Mopar 68218057AC ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid

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1 Quart Standard ATF+4 Fluid

12 month / 12,000 Mile Limited Warranty.
Mopar's OE Automatic Transmission Fluid in a 1QT (32oz) bottle and is approved fluid for all vehicles factory filled with ATF+4. Also can be used on NV T350 manual transaxle and Quadra-Trac. This is the perfect replacement transmission fluid for when your service manual calls for a change. Remember, automatic transmission fluid can be considered the life-blood of your vehicle and is used to transfer power in the torque converter and provide the pressure to apply the transmission's various clutches and bands. It also is used to clean, lubricate and cool the components of the transmission.