Kingshowstar 3 PCS 60 inch Extension Cords for Use with 5050 LED SMD RGB NEON Accent Kits for LED Motorcycle ATV Car Light Multi-Color Neon Strip

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  • 3pcs 60inch Extension Cable Wire Cord Set for 5050 LED SMD RGB neon accent kits for LED motorcycle ATV car light multi-color neon strips
  • Motorcycle led light kit extension cable with 4-pin female and male connector, helps your light touch every corner of your vehicle, makes it Super Shiny and Cool.
  • LED extension cables are great for large bikes or cars. Use for extending the wires for your motorcycle lights, rock lights, car lights, underglow pods, etc.
  • Easy connection to motorcycle LED lights for longer reach on a product, very simple to wire, save your time to install.
  • We offer one year warranty