Overland Vehicle Systems 12020001 Digital Tire Deflator with Valve Stem Repair Kit & Storage Bag

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Overland Vehicle Systems

Overland Vehicle Systems 12020001 Digital Tire Deflator with Valve Stem Repair Kit & Storage Bag

Quadratec Part #: 92023.7152
Overland Vehicle Systems Part #: 12020001

When your off-road adventures call for airing down your tires with precise control for varying conditions and terrain, look no further than Overland Vehicle Systems Digital Tire Deflator with Valve Stem Repair Kit & Storage Bag. This heavy-duty digital gauge features a tough rubber protector along with a deflator that uses a corrosion-resistant brass collar that removes the valve core for the fastest deflation with pinpoint accuracy. Instantly check your tire pressures on an illuminated display as you air down by simply sliding the collar back in. Measuring 17” in length with a reinforced nylon braided hose, this ingenious trail tool also comes with a premium quality valve stem repair kit, and a convenient storage pouch making it perfect for Overlanding Jeeps and 4x4’s with limited storage space.

Precise Control for Airing Down: Premium brass fittings won’t rust or corrode and allow for complete control of your deflation needs, off the beaten path. The easy to read illuminated display is perfect in low light and high glare times that you need to quickly air down.

Engineered for Rugged Use: The Bourdon tube style 3” pressure gauge is protected with a heavy-duty rubber cover, and the durable braided nylon hose is long enough to make the accurate reading and lowering of tire pressures a breeze.

Essential Trail Tool: Designed for reliability in extreme conditions, hit advanced trails with the confidence you’ll maintain a true and correct PSI for your crawling needs. The included valve stem repair kit includes qty 4 chrome and black valve caps, 4 valve cores, and a 4-in-1 valve tool.

  • Digital Tire Deflator with 3” Illuminated gauge
  • Valve Stem Repair Kit
  • Cinchable Canvas Storage Pouch
  • Features: Storage Case, Illuminated Display
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb
  • Shipping Dimensions: 8in x 4in x 4in (L x W x H)