Quadratec 12-Volt LED Christmas Wreath

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Quadratec 12-Volt LED Christmas Wreath


Quadratec makes it easy to drive in festive style this holiday season. Our beautifully designed 12-Volt LED 11" Christmas Wreath instantly transforms the front of your Jeep from that standard, everyday grille look to something way more fun and festive. We even make it simple to use as the wreath arrives with a 16' power cord that plugs directly into any 12-volt cigarette lighter/power port. Plus, its durable weather-proof design means you can leave the wreath installed throughout the holiday season, as well as many more to come—no matter what Mother Nature throws at the thing. Our wreath comes decorated with 20 pre-installed white LED outdoor light bulbs, synthetic garland and is finished with a striking velvety red bow. Comes complete with zip ties and suction cups to secure power cord.


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: Turn your Jeep into a Christmas sleigh and spread some holiday cheer with this quality Christmas wreath. It can be a great conversation starter at the gas station, or just something that puts a smile on anyone passing by. Also, we're pretty sure this will help remove your name from the naughty list and keep coal out of your stocking this holiday season.

Universal Vehicle Fitment: This beautiful Christmas wreath is compatible with any 12v automotive cigarette lighter outlet, and is suitable for interior or exterior mounting. It is simply a great addition to provide that holiday spirit to any vehicle—especially a Jeep.

Simple Installation: The wreath offers a quick disconnect power cord at the end closest to the wreath, allowing you to disconnect the cord in order to route the wire. Use the longer cable ties to secure the wreath in place, while the shorter cable ties and suction cups secure the power cord when mounting on the vehicle's exterior. Make sure all wires are properly secured to keep them away from moving parts and hot components like exhaust systems. Installs in minutes.

Installation Difficulty:
Skill Level 1 IconLevel 1Beginner

Only use the wreath while the vehicle is running. Unplug the cord from the 12V socket when not in use to avoid draining the battery.
Installation Time: Less than an hour

  • LED Wreath with Bow
  • Power Cord
  • 2 Suction Cups
  • 2 Short Cable Ties
  • 2 Long Cable Ties
  • Shipping Weight: 1.7lb
  • Shipping Dimensions: 12in x 11in x 3in (L x W x H)