Quadratec Heavy Duty Folding Utility Shovel with Storage Pouch

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Off-road adventures require the Quadratec Heavy Duty Folding Shovel. It unfolds into a 23” Military Style Shovel complete with an easy-grip handle. The strong carbon steel blade also contains two serrated edges ideal for digging and cutting. After you’ve finished using it, simply collapse it down to 9” for simple storage. It comes with a convenient storage pouch and is a great gift idea for anyone that hits the trails.


Comfortable & Durable: Not only is the folding shovel strong and durable, but the easy-grip handle makes usage comfortable, no matter how tough the job is.


Off-Road Must-Have: This folding shovel comes in handy for off-road emergencies. The small size makes it convenient to store anywhere.


Folding Shovel
Storage Pouch