RGB-W Fat Whip Lights 2ft

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The Xprite RGBW Fat whip lights come complete with a harness and switch that allows for color switching via both the APP and remote control. These Fat whip lights measure 3 feet in length with a 2-inch inner diameter, boasting more LEDs than typical whip lights. With the comprehensive Bluetooth APP and remote control, you can effortlessly find the perfect color to complement your vehicle, and they even include a pure white (6000K) option to stand out in the dark.

The quick-release bases make it a breeze to disconnect your whips, and reattaching them is just as simple. Furthermore, these whip lights are designed to work in sync with your vehicle's turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights.



  • Product Dimension: 1.5"
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs
  • Power: 12V
  • Material: Aluminum, PC, ABS
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Color Mode: RGBW
  • Mount: Quick Release Mount
  • Switch: Rock Switch
  • Wire Length:
  • Control box to lights: 23.6"
  • Wire Extension: 78"
  • Control box to power: 23.6"