STP Max Cabin Air Filter CAF1953M

STP Max Cabin Air Filter CAF1953M

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Part # CAF1953M
SKU # 1068780
Weight 0.46lbs
Width 8.0in
Length 10.24in
Grade Type Regular
Filter Media Material Antibacterial
Height 2.0in


STP Max Filtration cabin air filters are from the world’s most recognized automotive aftermarket brand. STP cabin air filters maintain clean air quality in your vehicle. It filters out mold, smoke and bad Odors. Designed to combat a variety of contaminants. STP Max filters screen out harmful pollutants so cabin air is always fresh and clean, while you and your family are protected. Quality STP Cabin Air Filters optimize the air flow in your car’s heating and air conditioning system. Easy to install, with easy to flow installation instruction in the box.
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    Removes dust, pollen and particulate matter from the air you breathe inside the vehicle’s cabin. Includes electrostatically charged particulate layer to attract fine dust while allowing high-flow capacity
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    Built with activated charcoal layer, engineered to effectively trap pollutants, exhaust fumes and harmful gases before entering the interior of your vehicle. Baking soda absorbs bad smells resulting from mold and smoke
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    Advance antibacterial micro technology that terminates viruses and bacteria
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    Easy to install - installation instructions included